2019 update.


Still Alive

Aug. update.


I'm pretty much out of business at the moment.

Got Solar?


Dewalt car charger + Solar = Solar power tools

DCB119 on Amazon



I’m still in business, but busy. Inventory will be spotty for a while.

Speed Racer


This guy has been using my walking trail. I’ve walked up on it several times.



Do you have a moment to talk about the peinguin?

--Good Times--


The urge for camping rises.

Pinting off grid?


I’ve been printing invoices with the WF100 for about two years now. The Epson WF100 is battery powered and portable. Charging via USB makes it convenient for off grid and on the road use.
The Linux divers downloaded via Epson’s site have worked well in Mint and Debian. The only problem I’ve had with the WF100 is the WiFi, even after disabling it in the settings to conserve battery, it still comes on when the printer is powered on. Other than that, Great!

WF100 on Amazon

Is this a blog now?


How does the Internet even work? I don't even...

This is a link

Who is this?

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